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Yet more art – do enjoy.

So I finished another “HIatus” piece. These were/are unfinished drawings that I found perusing old sketchbooks – ones that I thought “hey, I can finish that one now!” and have proceeded to do so. To be sure, not all of them have worked; so far it’s been six out of eight that I’ve been successful with. This is the last of them. HIatus No. 6: Critical Loss Of Focus

Also, in storing the two failed Hiatus pieces (I tend to not throw things away), I was looking through a lot of my very old to more recent work, and found a drawing from 2006 that should have been included in my portfolio – and it is now. The Experiment Has Hit A Snag 

and lastly for today, I keep forgetting to post this. This is a tattoo commission from my friend Penguin. Penguin and Frog