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Site updates, fyi

I just added a link-out page, here. I’ve installed a Captcha system, as I was getting too many ‘bot sign ups. Speaking of which, you, please feel free to register yourself if you’d like – you can also subscribe via email or RSS.

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Help for a friend of a friend – this is important – questions about transition

This is primarily directed at the various trans folk who read my posts, on Twitter and Facebook – I’m writing this from my blog so that it will appear both place and not be truncated, My friend Tracy pinged me last night; an old friend of hers is looking for information about transition for their […]

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More news for the site and such.

I’ve culled & uploaded my recent San Francisco Zoo outing pictures. They are here on Flickr. I’ve also added two more albums to my portfolio. Commercial work; not much here, as the things that graphical work I’ve done that I both want to show off and actually still have, is pretty small. Tattoo designs are exactly […]

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Hey, look! Over here! I’m still alive… in fact I just updated my online portfolio with my first piece from this year.

It’s right here. I also just completed an album cover for my OSO Veronica; the album will be out toward the end of the month, and it’s good. I really do intend to use this as a writing space, and actually have pithy and worthwhile things to say. Eventually. I do miss writing more than […]