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Art for my next tattoo…

This will be inked on me by Adam Lunoe at Imperial Tattoo in Portland, Or, when I am up there – my calendar says May 9.

Tattoo #15, “Vigilance”. I’ll get it into the gallery eventually. This will be going on the back of my upper right arm. Sadly, I expect it to hurt; it’s ~8.5″ x 3″.


Not good news.

Okay, the thing that has stressed me the fuck out (on top of all the other shit in my life at the moment) was issues with FOGCon, the convention that I have helped to run for five of the past six years.

I have been banned from the con for the next two years. It is unlikely that I will ever go back, or to any other conventions. I will not discuss the details or causes publicly; I see the point the board is making, but I disagree with them. I may discuss them privately with certain people.

The persons involved (that I am aware of) have been blocked from all of my social media. Those people know how to contact me should they care to (I will be shocked should that happen).

Twenty years ago on this date.

Twenty years ago on May 20th, I married my best friend. I’m happy to say that she’s still my best friend, and the best person I have ever known. And I love her more than I ever have. We’re even still married!

So, Patrice, here’s to another twenty-plus years together – I love you!

Trying to understand

There are some things I feel the need to talk about. However, I also feel that the discussion of them isn’t much helped by me (a cisgendered, passes-for-white, male) chiming in – I have the privilege of being able to do so without getting a target painted on me, but I’m not sure that I can actually do any good, given that. I want to understand – in order to combat it – the insane amount of hate that I see leveled at outspoken women, transpeople of any gender, and really, anyone who doesn’t fit the white, mainstream “norm”. The level of vitriol is stupendous, and I truly don’t understand how the people who are spewing it can honestly believe the stuff they say (granted, I’ve the same disconnect when it comes to belief in deity).  I’m no longer surprised that it happens, but I do tend to have a visceral reaction to it. I want a way to channel that into something more than retweeting people who write better than I do and signing the occasional online petition. Feedback – really of any sort – would be helpful, should anyone reading this be so inclined.

Another two months, another post…

I think I will start actively posting more often. I’m starting to finally get back in gear with my drawing, and I have some jewelry and sculpture pieces that I would like to finish. Also, I will be starting my new job early next month, and having a more structured day will allow me to get back in the habit of writing.

So, new stuff: as I mentioned, I’ve a new job. It’s in Palo Alto, close to a CalTrain stop, so  commuting will be a breeze on those days I don’t wish to take a motorcycle. My job title is IT Operations Engineer – this makes me ridiculously happy, and I’m very excited about the job itself. I’ve updated my online portfolio with two new drawings (here), and I’ll finally be uploading my pictures from our February New Zealand trip later tonight (I’ll post again when they’re up). Lastly, I spent this last weekend helping to run SFWA‘s Nebula Awards last weekend; despite inadequate sleep, I had a blast. I also got to meet many of my favorite authors, see old friends, and meet new ones. It was a great weekend.

Upcoming, apart from the new job, I’ll be doing a road-trip through one of the “BBQ Corridors”: Indianapolis, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis & Springfield with my friend Veronica; and the weekend I get back, I’ll be at Westercon 66 in Sacramento.

So, for the moment, life is good.