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Some news and a short update.

This site has been moribund for some time. I’ve just been using Facebook for updates to the people who are interested. I also am behind on posting art here, and posting photos to Flickr.

This will, fairly soon, change. My wife & I are moving from the Bay Area to the Albuquerque Metro area in New Mexico. We’ve already sold the house; my wife will be leaving before the end of the year for her new job, and I’ll be leaving early/mid January; I will still be working for Cycle Gear once I arrive. Once I arrive and we’ve gotten into whatever house we’ve purchased, this blog will start up regular updates, as I’m getting tired of Facebook and their asinine policies. I’ll still crosspost (and to be completely honest, read), but this blog will be my focus. I’ll start uploading artwork again as well.

So, that’s it really. Cheers!