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I’ve been seeing a disturbing thing lately. In many of the #BlackLivesMatter posts I’ve seen around the net, there has been a lot of answering responses that “all lives matter”. Mostly, so far as I can tell, these responses are from white people. And while all lives do matter, it is completely beside the damn point. If your skin isn’t dark, they you are really not at risk from police brutality in the U.S. – and you are never going to know what it feels like to be in that situation.  By all means participate, but keep in mind, this discussion isn’t about you, so please stop trying to make it about you.

I’m disgusted and outraged.

I cannot accept the #Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson. I can’t condone the violent protests there, but neither can I condemn them. I think to myself, “what if the cops were going after Jewish men & boys?” (I’m Jewish, for the record).

Where can you go for justice if the society you live in denies you that justice? How can anyone reasonably expect calm on the part of the protestors under these circumstances? I just hope no one else dies as a result.