Monthly Archives: September 2014

Art process: show advertising & progress

Last night, I created an advertising “postcard” for the show; these are for leaving with businesses that allow it and whatnot. I’ll have these printed up today.



I also have about half of the pieces for the show ready to hang. I’m pleased with my progress so far.


Art process: show stuff.

I’ve just finished going through my portfolio, selecting the pieces I want to actually hang. I have forty-nine, and will likely complete at least two more pieces before hanging the show.  I am going to need to buy a bunch of frames and a bunch of clear “matt-hangers” (I misremember what they are actually called). I will also be doing a small amount of custom frames as well.

I need to ask the cafe about labeling the work as well, and let them know how many pieces I’m going to bring.

So – it’s going well.