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Update + new (and some old) art.

So, it’s been another couple of months. We have sold our home in California, and bought one in New Mexico. I’m still working for That Company; I’ve about hit my limit for retail though. I need to spend some time thinking about what I will do about that.

I’ve finally gotten over my artist’s block, and I just finished a portfolio-worthy piece. I’ve also, upload the three small pieces that I actually finished in 2018.

<bright> (2018)
Broken Formation (2018)
Lure (2018)

Yet more art – do enjoy.

So I finished another “HIatus” piece. These were/are unfinished drawings that I found perusing old sketchbooks – ones that I thought “hey, I can finish that one now!” and have proceeded to do so. To be sure, not all of them have worked; so far it’s been six out of eight that I’ve been successful with. This is the last of them. HIatus No. 6: Critical Loss Of Focus

Also, in storing the two failed Hiatus pieces (I tend to not throw things away), I was looking through a lot of my very old to more recent work, and found a drawing from 2006 that should have been included in my portfolio – and it is now. The Experiment Has Hit A Snag 

and lastly for today, I keep forgetting to post this. This is a tattoo commission from my friend Penguin. Penguin and Frog 

Art for a rainy Sunday

As promised (on FB and I think also Twitter) more art; these pieces were started years ago, forgotten until recently, and finished in the last week. This is the “HIatus” series. Enjoy, and remember, feedback is good for your artist friends.

No. 1: “Another Damn Cycle”

No. 2 “Crowned” (a large tattoo design intended for the top & back of my right shoulder)

No.3 “Bigun'” (a smaller tattoo design intended for the underside of my left forearm)

No.4 “Soloist”

No.5 “It Really Ties The Room Together”

Oh look, another one…

I started this one two days ago, then decided I didn’t like where it was going and stopped. I looked at it again today and saw a way forward, finishing it.

“Blistered Announcement”


Portfolio updated…

Specifically, the tattoo gallery; there are now two sub-albums now: designs for myself and designs for other people. Also the designs are in order now, from newest to oldest.

I’ve now got 4 designs completed for other folks. Two of them are recent; I did one for my friend Bronwyn when she decided she wanted to hang out with me, in Portland, when I was getting my new one done on my recent trip. I also did another one for my friend Nancy, who was one of my hosts on the trip. I like doing these for people who want them. Most of the time I won’t charge, if we are friends (you can insist on paying me if you want and I’ll graciously accept it, but I am not looking to make any part of a living with this), and contrary to all the rumours, I will work in color for other people (it’ll still be abstract, but hey, color). So, if you really want a tattoo design from me, and you really will get it applied, feel free to get in contact with me about this.