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I’m home sick. I’ve been sick all week. The Rainpocalypse is coming (supposedly the worst storm here since 2007). Because I’m sick, my wife and I are missing the Richard Thompson concert across the Bay tonight (she has declined to go without me). I worked from home Monday and today – attempted to work at […]

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Mildly freaking out now.

I’ve had a very good weekend, saw old friends, met new ones (!), spent quality time with sweeties, took lots of photos. But I was too antsy to even watch the Giants game tonight. I’ve tried to calm down by playing video games, but that’s had limited success. I’ll¬†be at the cafe at 8:00 a.m. […]

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Finally, new photos…

Ok then, I finally processed the photos from (click on that link to see ’em): My May trip with my Patrice to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary, go to Northwest¬†Folklife, play tourist, see friends, etc. I didn’t take a lot of pics. My June/July trip to Indiana & Kentucky to spend time with my sweetie […]