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Some news and a short update.

This site has been moribund for some time. I’ve just been using Facebook for updates to the people who are interested. I also am behind on posting art here, and posting photos to Flickr.

This will, fairly soon, change. My wife & I are moving from the Bay Area to the Albuquerque Metro area in New Mexico. We’ve already sold the house; my wife will be leaving before the end of the year for her new job, and I’ll be leaving early/mid January; I will still be working for Cycle Gear once I arrive. Once I arrive and we’ve gotten into whatever house we’ve purchased, this blog will start up regular updates, as I’m getting tired of Facebook and their asinine policies. I’ll still crosspost (and to be completely honest, read), but this blog will be my focus. I’ll start uploading artwork again as well.

So, that’s it really. Cheers!

Portfolio updated…

Specifically, the tattoo gallery; there are now two sub-albums now: designs for myself and designs for other people. Also the designs are in order now, from newest to oldest.

I’ve now got 4 designs completed for other folks. Two of them are recent; I did one for my friend Bronwyn when she decided she wanted to hang out with me, in Portland, when I was getting my new one done on my recent trip. I also did another one for my friend Nancy, who was one of my hosts on the trip. I like doing these for people who want them. Most of the time I won’t charge, if we are friends (you can insist on paying me if you want and I’ll graciously accept it, but I am not looking to make any part of a living with this), and contrary to all the rumours, I will work in color for other people (it’ll still be abstract, but hey, color). So, if you really want a tattoo design from me, and you really will get it applied, feel free to get in contact with me about this.

Something to note while dealing with me

If, by some chance, I have offended you/pissed you off/made you uncomfortable at some point, it would be best to actually tell me so, in a timely fashion. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, but I sure as hell do not want to hear about them a year later, sans details, from a third party. It tends to piss me off rather a lot, and I’m far less likely to listen to the complaint.

Oh my stars and garters! I’m having a show. A solo show of my work.

It’s unprecedented, for me. This will be the first solo show I’ve ever done.

I’m very excited. My history with the retail art world has not been good. In fact, I’d pretty much given up hope that I’d ever be able to show my stuff on anything bigger scale than my house and this rather unknown website.


  • I will be showing my work at Borderlands Books Cafe, in the Mission district of San Francisco, right next to Borderlands Books. The Cafe’s address is 870 Valencia st. (between 19th and 20th streets) San Francisco  CA 94110, and their phone number is 415 970-6998; the bookstore is at 866 Valencia, and their phone number is 415 824-8203.
  • The show will be hung in the early morning of October 28, and will run until January 5; It’ll come down early morning January 6. There will be a reception, on Friday, November 7 from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. If you see this, consider yourself invited.

Another year gone…

…and sent out in fine style.

I had a wonderful time last night. I have the most awesome partners and friends that anyone could ask for, truly.

I am, however, stupidly tired today. I will attempt to finally upload the pictures from my summer trip to the Midwest tonight…

When all my problems fade into proper perspective.

Jay Lake died today.

He was a good friend. I knew him fairly well, but nowhere near as well as I would have liked. He was one of the most fun people I’ve ever known, he was sharp, funny and a fantastic writer. I didn’t get to spend anywhere near enough time with him – no one really did, I think.

As hard as I try, I can’t really say things the way I want.

He is missed. By me, by all his friends who knew him, by his family and sweeties, by his peers and co-workers. He wasn’t here long enough, dammit.

So, I just got home after buying a new car…

…and spending way more money than I was expecting. I keep forgetting about how car sales work – but my wife assures me that it’s in budget for us.

And yeah, it’s a pretty awesome piece of machinery – a 2015 Subaru WRX. I haven’t taken any pics yet, but it looks identical to this: