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New artwork posted

After much finagling, I’ve updated the 2022 year page with all of the artwork I did toward the end of the year. I’m in the process of updating/fixing the portfolio galleries; the 2000-2010 page finally looks like a proper page, as does the new 2022 page. Click here to see the new stuff.

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Some news and a short update.

This site has been moribund for some time. I’ve just been using Facebook for updates to the people who are interested. I also am behind on posting art here, and posting photos to Flickr. This will, fairly soon, change. My wife & I are moving from the Bay Area to the Albuquerque Metro area in […]

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Portfolio updated…

Specifically, the tattoo gallery; there are now two sub-albums now: designs for myself and designs for other people. Also the designs are in order now, from newest to oldest. I’ve now got 4 designs¬†completed¬†for other folks. Two of them are recent; I did one for my friend Bronwyn when she decided she wanted to hang […]