Art for a rainy Sunday

As promised (on FB and I think also Twitter) more art; these pieces were started years ago, forgotten until recently, and finished in the last week. This is the “HIatus” series. Enjoy, and remember, feedback is good for your artist friends.

No. 1: “Another Damn Cycle”

No. 2 “Crowned” (a large tattoo design intended for the top & back of my right shoulder)

No.3 “Bigun'” (a smaller tattoo design intended for the underside of my left forearm)

No.4 “Soloist”

No.5 “It Really Ties The Room Together”

New art. Sculpture this time – the first one I’ve done in ages.

And really, the first carved stone piece I’ve ever done. This is alabaster (supplied to me by my old friend Sue Toorans, a wonderful stone carver, metalworker and jewelry maker – you should check her stuff out). This isn’t in my portfolio yet. The base is painted pine.

Abyssal No. 1

abyssalno1-a abyssalno1-c abyssalno1-b