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My “artist’s statement” for the show

About the art and artist

About me:

I’m Aaron Spielman; welcome to my show. I’ve been a professional artist in some form for most of my adult life. My primary training was initially from my mother, a professional painter,  various art teachers in grade school and at Cal State University Fresno and San Jose State University. My primary influences are the sculptors Henry Moore and Isamu Noguchi, painters Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miró, and Frank Stella, and graphic artists Heinrich Kley, M. C. Escher and Louis Lozowick. Inasmuch as I follow any school or movement, I would say that I’m floating somewhere between Abstract Expressionism and Intentism with some ideas heavily borrowed from Hard-Edge painting.

About the art and the show:

I titled the show “An Exploration of Ink and Space” because that is essentially what I do when creating a piece of art, I use ink and paper to explore some interior space of mine. And this is my first solo show. The pieces are in large part wholly abstract – there is not a central thing or object to be discerned, though each work is definitely about some aspect of my internal viewpoint at the time I created it. And though each of the pieces is titled, the title may actually be misleading as to content. Don’t worry if you don’t particularly “get” it – there won’t be a quiz. if a piece speaks to you in some way – any way at all – then I’ve done what I’ve set out to do in terms of showing it to an audience.

About sales and things related:

All the drawings are for sale, at the prices noted. If you wish to buy any of them, please contact me via the email on my business cards or at the bottom of the this sheet. The prices are non-negotiable, and you’ll need to pay %8.75 San Francisco sales tax (my apologies about that) as well. Also, all pieces will stay up until the show is over on January 5, 2015.

If you have any other questions, please do email me, or catch me while I’m at the cafe, and do ask.
Aaron I. Spielman | aaron@rockethouse.net | Rocket House Studio

Art process: show advertising & progress

Last night, I created an advertising “postcard” for the show; these are for leaving with businesses that allow it and whatnot. I’ll have these printed up today.



I also have about half of the pieces for the show ready to hang. I’m pleased with my progress so far.


Art process: show stuff.

I’ve just finished going through my portfolio, selecting the pieces I want to actually hang. I have forty-nine, and will likely complete at least two more pieces before hanging the show.  I am going to need to buy a bunch of frames and a bunch of clear “matt-hangers” (I misremember what they are actually called). I will also be doing a small amount of custom frames as well.

I need to ask the cafe about labeling the work as well, and let them know how many pieces I’m going to bring.

So – it’s going well.

Oh my stars and garters! I’m having a show. A solo show of my work.

It’s unprecedented, for me. This will be the first solo show I’ve ever done.

I’m very excited. My history with the retail art world has not been good. In fact, I’d pretty much given up hope that I’d ever be able to show my stuff on anything bigger scale than my house and this rather unknown website.


  • I will be showing my work at Borderlands Books Cafe, in the Mission district of San Francisco, right next to Borderlands Books. The Cafe’s address is 870 Valencia st. (between 19th and 20th streets) San Francisco  CA 94110, and their phone number is 415 970-6998; the bookstore is at 866 Valencia, and their phone number is 415 824-8203.
  • The show will be hung in the early morning of October 28, and will run until January 5; It’ll come down early morning January 6. There will be a reception, on Friday, November 7 from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. If you see this, consider yourself invited.

Well, *that* was a weekend.

I am home after my first day back to work following a four-day weekend – a weekend filled with physical labor, customer service, lack of sleep and huge, giant gobs of fun.

Y’see, I’m a science-fiction and fantasy fan, and I got to help plan and run SFWA’s Nebula Awards Weekend. I spent the weekend surrounded by several hundred amazingly talented SF&F authors, many of whom are friends, many of them new friends and some of them old friends that I finally have managed to catch up with. There was a banquet that was pretty good, and an awards ceremony that was wonderful, access to the comic-book convention “next door” (and that was great fun as well, as I got to meet several of my favorite comics authors and illustrators), great conversation with a lot of really good people, some excellent booze, and many, many new books and graphic novels.

And, scarily, two contacts for my artwork. It’s a bit of a stretch for me to try showing my art again – I have what almost amounts to a phobia about trying to get into shows/getting solo shows due to my past experiences – so much so that I haven’t tried for years. But I ran into the editor/publisher of The Fabulist, Josh P. who I’ve known for some time and who has always expressed an interest in publishing some of my work in his magazine. I also talked to Alan B. of Borderland Books, asking him about hanging a show in their cafe – and he was enthusiastic that I should give it a shot. So, tonight i’ve sent off email to the contact people for both, and am waiting on responses. Regardless of results, I think it was a good thing for me to do.

Another two months, another post…

I think I will start actively posting more often. I’m starting to finally get back in gear with my drawing, and I have some jewelry and sculpture pieces that I would like to finish. Also, I will be starting my new job early next month, and having a more structured day will allow me to get back in the habit of writing.

So, new stuff: as I mentioned, I’ve a new job. It’s in Palo Alto, close to a CalTrain stop, so  commuting will be a breeze on those days I don’t wish to take a motorcycle. My job title is IT Operations Engineer – this makes me ridiculously happy, and I’m very excited about the job itself. I’ve updated my online portfolio with two new drawings (here), and I’ll finally be uploading my pictures from our February New Zealand trip later tonight (I’ll post again when they’re up). Lastly, I spent this last weekend helping to run SFWA‘s Nebula Awards last weekend; despite inadequate sleep, I had a blast. I also got to meet many of my favorite authors, see old friends, and meet new ones. It was a great weekend.

Upcoming, apart from the new job, I’ll be doing a road-trip through one of the “BBQ Corridors”: Indianapolis, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis & Springfield with my friend Veronica; and the weekend I get back, I’ll be at Westercon 66 in Sacramento.

So, for the moment, life is good.

Well, it’s been an interesting few months.

So, as I mentioned, I quit my job in the first part of February. Less than a week later, my wife and I flew to New Zealand to attend the wedding of two dear friends who emigrated there some years back. Needless to say, we had a blast, The pictures are ready to go online, as soon as I find time to post them – I’ve been pretty busy, almost non-stop: stuff around the house, helping to run FOGCon 3, more house stuff, replacing our bloody washer and my wife’s PC (with mine, leaving me to build another for my current VMWare experiments). I’ve been busy enough that I really didn’t start seriously looking for work until last week; that seems to be on track. Another interesting thing that happened, is that even though I voluntarily quit my job, I decided to put in for unemployment. And I got it. I was surprised – the EDD did have me go through an interview process, and presumably talked to my ex-VP about the situation (they said they would). It’s very surprising, as I wasn’t expecting to get that.

Book stuff: I’ve recently read both of Seanan McGuire‘s newest novels, Ashes of Honor and Midnight Blue-light Special (both awesome), as well as Rick Dakan‘s first novel, G33k Mafia (very different and very good – I’ll be reading both of the other books in the series), Ben Macallan’s new book Pandaemonium (a great sequel to Desdaemona), and the latest novel from Jay Lake, Kalimpura – which I think is the best thing he’s written so far (I like the series even more than his Mainspring trilogy), and is also a great finale for the story of Green. Right now I’m reading Cherie Priest’s The Inexplicables, the 4th novel in her “Clockwork Century” series.

Art stuff: I do have some almost-finished work that will be scanned and posted to the gallery, once I’ve decided they’re actually done. New photos for Flickr will go up eventually (see above). I’ve not submitted work for any shows yet this year, though I do expect to.

And that’s really about it from an update POV.

Images are all up!

I’ve finished getting my online portfolio updated. To see the images  click on the “My portfolio” link above.

Commentary is always appreciated.