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Upcoming events & travel & whatnot

Because the two blog subscribers want to know this stuff (and some of the folk on Twitter and Facebook, too)…

  • May 9-11: Going nowhere, I’m on-call for work.
  • May 15-18: Will be helping to run SFWA‘s annual Nebula Awards weekend, and spending some time attending the Big Wow comicfest in San Jose.
  • May 24-26: In Seattle, going to Folklife and visiting friends with my wife for our 19th anniversary.
  • June 27-July 6: Indiana trip (with a side trip to Louisville, KY).

Going to be a fun summer.

Site updates, fyi

  • I just added a link-out page, here.
  • I’ve installed a Captcha system, as I was getting too many ‘bot sign ups.
  • Speaking of which, you, please feel free to register yourself if you’d like – you can also subscribe via email or RSS.