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Back from vacation…

…and I had a wonderful time.

The basic plan was to visit my sweetie Veronica, who lives in Indiana and Do Stuff™ in her company.  Notable highlights of the trip (and yes, pictures were taken for many of these things) in no particular order:

  • Lots of time with my sweetie; we don’t get to see each other often, so time with her is precious and much appreciated.
  • Time with other wonderful friends – lunches, dinners, a 4th of July BBQ and fireworks, baseball…
  • Flat 12 Bierworks for a pint, and then a growler of Hinchtown Hammer Down.
  • Attending a lovely wedding for a couple I’d not previously met. Lovely women both, and a very nice ceremony. With great live music courtesy of my sweetie.
  • A visit to Lava Lips for a hot sauce tasting. I purchased a bottle of their “Pinatubo” sauce and a bottle of Khan’s Island Sauce.
  • A visit to Saraga Market – this generated iPhone photos that I’ll be putting to use in an *ahem* photo-essay…
  • A night at the West Baden Springs Hotel, in French Lick.
  • Hank’s, for both smoked brisket and smoked corned beef.
  • Going to A Taste of Indianapolis.
  • Great wine tasting at Chateau d Pique’s tasting room in INdy; I brought home a bottle of their estate grown Steuben – the oddest wine I’ve ever had (it’s pretty damn good).
  • A night at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY. and a visit with my friend Mya, who lives in Old Louisville.
  • Visiting the Falls of The Ohio on the Indiana-Kentucky border.
  • Cataract Falls on Mill Creek near Cloverdale, IN.
  • Watching AAA baseball – Indiana Indians vs the Toledo Mudhens.
  • New Day Craft Mead and Cider in Indianapolis – their 1% sugar cider tastes like fine dry Champaign – very tasty and impressive.
  • Much Nerdcore music whilst roadtripping (pointing at MC Lars and Schaffer The Dark Lord in particular).
  • Hanging out with Joe The Goose. And the cats.
  • Hanging out with Carissa, Sean & Alex. And Amy. And The Indygeek & Amanda.
  • Sausage and double-smoked bacon from Claus’ in Indy.
  • OMFG Happy Wheels capture videos with insanely funny voiceover commentary.

Yeah, that was one hell of a good trip.