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Back from vacation…

…and I had a wonderful time.

The basic plan was to visit my sweetie Veronica, who lives in Indiana and Do Stuff™ in her company.  Notable highlights of the trip (and yes, pictures were taken for many of these things) in no particular order:

  • Lots of time with my sweetie; we don’t get to see each other often, so time with her is precious and much appreciated.
  • Time with other wonderful friends – lunches, dinners, a 4th of July BBQ and fireworks, baseball…
  • Flat 12 Bierworks for a pint, and then a growler of Hinchtown Hammer Down.
  • Attending a lovely wedding for a couple I’d not previously met. Lovely women both, and a very nice ceremony. With great live music courtesy of my sweetie.
  • A visit to Lava Lips for a hot sauce tasting. I purchased a bottle of their “Pinatubo” sauce and a bottle of Khan’s Island Sauce.
  • A visit to Saraga Market – this generated iPhone photos that I’ll be putting to use in an *ahem* photo-essay…
  • A night at the West Baden Springs Hotel, in French Lick.
  • Hank’s, for both smoked brisket and smoked corned beef.
  • Going to A Taste of Indianapolis.
  • Great wine tasting at Chateau d Pique’s tasting room in INdy; I brought home a bottle of their estate grown Steuben – the oddest wine I’ve ever had (it’s pretty damn good).
  • A night at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY. and a visit with my friend Mya, who lives in Old Louisville.
  • Visiting the Falls of The Ohio on the Indiana-Kentucky border.
  • Cataract Falls on Mill Creek near Cloverdale, IN.
  • Watching AAA baseball – Indiana Indians vs the Toledo Mudhens.
  • New Day Craft Mead and Cider in Indianapolis – their 1% sugar cider tastes like fine dry Champaign – very tasty and impressive.
  • Much Nerdcore music whilst roadtripping (pointing at MC Lars and Schaffer The Dark Lord in particular).
  • Hanging out with Joe The Goose. And the cats.
  • Hanging out with Carissa, Sean & Alex. And Amy. And The Indygeek & Amanda.
  • Sausage and double-smoked bacon from Claus’ in Indy.
  • OMFG Happy Wheels capture videos with insanely funny voiceover commentary.

Yeah, that was one hell of a good trip.

As usual, I’m behind. Last weekend…

…was a lot of fun. My wife and I traveled to Great NorthWet, specifically, Seattle. We were there for a number of reasons:

  1. To celebrate our nineteenth wedding anniversary.
  2. To hang out, dance, and socialize at Folklife.
  3. To see old and new friends.

#1 – that was the entire weekend, really. We’d last been to Folklife to celebrate our second anniversary; we had a ball there then, as well. In addition to the dancing, tourist-ing and socializing, we also had a proper “dinner at a nice restaurant” on Saturday night, with two of our most favorite people – eating, talking, and catching up. They will eventually be moving down to the Bay Area, which makes me very happy, as we’ll get to see them much more often. Another bit of celebration was to make the trek to Pike Place Market. I feel the hype is actually deserved – the market has much of the feel of the San Francisco Ferry Building mixed with the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. We had a great time there.

#2 – we did, in fact, do a good amount of dancing, and lots of socializing, highlighted on Monday by having a leisurely lunch of pretty awesome fair food (and no, I did not actually try the deep-fried PB&J sandwiches one booth was selling, though it was a close thing) with a former sweetie of mine (and still a very dear friend) and her husband.

#3 – covered in great part by 1 and 2 above, with a notable exception of the Roller Derby Outing. We got to see the Rat City Rollergirls’ “Rat Lab” who my friend Betsy Nails skates for, beat the Grunge City Rollers. I was very impressed – roller derby has evolved into an actual sport – something I was unaware of, but discovered that I really, really like.

So yeah great weekend all around, with one slight flaw – but that belongs in my next post.

Upcoming events & travel & whatnot

Because the two blog subscribers want to know this stuff (and some of the folk on Twitter and Facebook, too)…

  • May 9-11: Going nowhere, I’m on-call for work.
  • May 15-18: Will be helping to run SFWA‘s annual Nebula Awards weekend, and spending some time attending the Big Wow comicfest in San Jose.
  • May 24-26: In Seattle, going to Folklife and visiting friends with my wife for our 19th anniversary.
  • June 27-July 6: Indiana trip (with a side trip to Louisville, KY).

Going to be a fun summer.

Another two months, another post…

I think I will start actively posting more often. I’m starting to finally get back in gear with my drawing, and I have some jewelry and sculpture pieces that I would like to finish. Also, I will be starting my new job early next month, and having a more structured day will allow me to get back in the habit of writing.

So, new stuff: as I mentioned, I’ve a new job. It’s in Palo Alto, close to a CalTrain stop, so  commuting will be a breeze on those days I don’t wish to take a motorcycle. My job title is IT Operations Engineer – this makes me ridiculously happy, and I’m very excited about the job itself. I’ve updated my online portfolio with two new drawings (here), and I’ll finally be uploading my pictures from our February New Zealand trip later tonight (I’ll post again when they’re up). Lastly, I spent this last weekend helping to run SFWA‘s Nebula Awards last weekend; despite inadequate sleep, I had a blast. I also got to meet many of my favorite authors, see old friends, and meet new ones. It was a great weekend.

Upcoming, apart from the new job, I’ll be doing a road-trip through one of the “BBQ Corridors”: Indianapolis, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis & Springfield with my friend Veronica; and the weekend I get back, I’ll be at Westercon 66 in Sacramento.

So, for the moment, life is good.

Well, it’s been an interesting few months.

So, as I mentioned, I quit my job in the first part of February. Less than a week later, my wife and I flew to New Zealand to attend the wedding of two dear friends who emigrated there some years back. Needless to say, we had a blast, The pictures are ready to go online, as soon as I find time to post them – I’ve been pretty busy, almost non-stop: stuff around the house, helping to run FOGCon 3, more house stuff, replacing our bloody washer and my wife’s PC (with mine, leaving me to build another for my current VMWare experiments). I’ve been busy enough that I really didn’t start seriously looking for work until last week; that seems to be on track. Another interesting thing that happened, is that even though I voluntarily quit my job, I decided to put in for unemployment. And I got it. I was surprised – the EDD did have me go through an interview process, and presumably talked to my ex-VP about the situation (they said they would). It’s very surprising, as I wasn’t expecting to get that.

Book stuff: I’ve recently read both of Seanan McGuire‘s newest novels, Ashes of Honor and Midnight Blue-light Special (both awesome), as well as Rick Dakan‘s first novel, G33k Mafia (very different and very good – I’ll be reading both of the other books in the series), Ben Macallan’s new book Pandaemonium (a great sequel to Desdaemona), and the latest novel from Jay Lake, Kalimpura – which I think is the best thing he’s written so far (I like the series even more than his Mainspring trilogy), and is also a great finale for the story of Green. Right now I’m reading Cherie Priest’s The Inexplicables, the 4th novel in her “Clockwork Century” series.

Art stuff: I do have some almost-finished work that will be scanned and posted to the gallery, once I’ve decided they’re actually done. New photos for Flickr will go up eventually (see above). I’ve not submitted work for any shows yet this year, though I do expect to.

And that’s really about it from an update POV.