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My “artist’s statement” for the show

About the art and artist About me: I’m Aaron Spielman; welcome to my show. I’ve been a professional artist in some form for most of my adult life. My primary training was initially from my mother, a professional painter,  various art teachers in grade school and at Cal State University Fresno and San Jose State […]

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Mildly freaking out now.

I’ve had a very good weekend, saw old friends, met new ones (!), spent quality time with sweeties, took lots of photos. But I was too antsy to even watch the Giants game tonight. I’ve tried to calm down by playing video games, but that’s had limited success. I’ll be at the cafe at 8:00 a.m. […]

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Art show progress: almost finished!

I’m at about 95% done with the prep for the show. What’s left is: Finish pricing of all the pieces. Create wall cards for each piece, or whatever needs done for this – I’ll need to contact Borderlands for this and find out what’s acceptable. Get the show postcards out to whoever is willing to […]

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Art process: show advertising & progress

Last night, I created an advertising “postcard” for the show; these are for leaving with businesses that allow it and whatnot. I’ll have these printed up today.   I also have about half of the pieces for the show ready to hang. I’m pleased with my progress so far.  

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Art process: show stuff.

I’ve just finished going through my portfolio, selecting the pieces I want to actually hang. I have forty-nine, and will likely complete at least two more pieces before hanging the show.  I am going to need to buy a bunch of frames and a bunch of clear “matt-hangers” (I misremember what they are actually called). I will […]

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Well, *that* was a weekend.

I am home after my first day back to work following a four-day weekend – a weekend filled with physical labor, customer service, lack of sleep and huge, giant gobs of fun. Y’see, I’m a science-fiction and fantasy fan, and I got to help plan and run SFWA’s Nebula Awards Weekend. I spent the weekend […]

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More news for the site and such.

I’ve culled & uploaded my recent San Francisco Zoo outing pictures. They are here on Flickr. I’ve also added two more albums to my portfolio. Commercial work; not much here, as the things that graphical work I’ve done that I both want to show off and actually still have, is pretty small. Tattoo designs are exactly […]

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Hey, look! Over here! I’m still alive… in fact I just updated my online portfolio with my first piece from this year.

It’s right here. I also just completed an album cover for my OSO Veronica; the album will be out toward the end of the month, and it’s good. I really do intend to use this as a writing space, and actually have pithy and worthwhile things to say. Eventually. I do miss writing more than […]