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My “artist’s statement” for the show

About the art and artist

About me:

I’m Aaron Spielman; welcome to my show. I’ve been a professional artist in some form for most of my adult life. My primary training was initially from my mother, a professional painter,  various art teachers in grade school and at Cal State University Fresno and San Jose State University. My primary influences are the sculptors Henry Moore and Isamu Noguchi, painters Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miró, and Frank Stella, and graphic artists Heinrich Kley, M. C. Escher and Louis Lozowick. Inasmuch as I follow any school or movement, I would say that I’m floating somewhere between Abstract Expressionism and Intentism with some ideas heavily borrowed from Hard-Edge painting.

About the art and the show:

I titled the show “An Exploration of Ink and Space” because that is essentially what I do when creating a piece of art, I use ink and paper to explore some interior space of mine. And this is my first solo show. The pieces are in large part wholly abstract – there is not a central thing or object to be discerned, though each work is definitely about some aspect of my internal viewpoint at the time I created it. And though each of the pieces is titled, the title may actually be misleading as to content. Don’t worry if you don’t particularly “get” it – there won’t be a quiz. if a piece speaks to you in some way – any way at all – then I’ve done what I’ve set out to do in terms of showing it to an audience.

About sales and things related:

All the drawings are for sale, at the prices noted. If you wish to buy any of them, please contact me via the email on my business cards or at the bottom of the this sheet. The prices are non-negotiable, and you’ll need to pay %8.75 San Francisco sales tax (my apologies about that) as well. Also, all pieces will stay up until the show is over on January 5, 2015.

If you have any other questions, please do email me, or catch me while I’m at the cafe, and do ask.
Aaron I. Spielman | | Rocket House Studio