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New artwork posted

After much finagling, I’ve updated the 2022 year page with all of the artwork I did toward the end of the year. I’m in the process of updating/fixing the portfolio galleries; the 2000-2010 page finally looks like a proper page, as does the new 2022 page. Click here to see the new stuff.

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Update + new (and some old) art.

So, it’s been another couple of months. We have sold our home in California, and bought one in New Mexico. I’m still working for That Company; I’ve about hit my limit for retail though. I need to spend some time thinking about what I will do about that. I’ve finally gotten over my artist’s block, […]

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Some news and a short update.

This site has been moribund for some time. I’ve just been using Facebook for updates to the people who are interested. I also am behind on posting art here, and posting photos to Flickr. This will, fairly soon, change. My wife & I are moving from the Bay Area to the Albuquerque Metro area in […]