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X things = a post

So, things (it got a bit long).

Art stuff: My art show got off to a reasonable start. No one has been interested in a sale yet, but that’s not a big deal. Also, the reception, such as it is, will be on Friday (the 7th) from 6-8pm.

Photography: I have a boatload of photos to process and upload; the pictures from Bodega Bay in September, from Monterey last weekend, and a bunch of miscellaneous phone pics. I’ve been pretty surprised at what’s happening on Flickr – in recent months I’ve had some pretty damn good photographers, from literally all over the planet, have started following my photostream. It’s a nice vote of confidence.

Health: Since my wakeup-call about a month ago, I’ve really been concentrating on changing the way i eat, and on getting proper exercise. I’ve brought my average blood sugar way down; for the last seven days, my average (and I test a lot during the day) has been 112 mg/dl. I’ve also lost just over 10 pounds; I’m under 295 now for the first time in a long, long while. The workouts have helped a lot. I’m actually enjoying the energy gain I get from them, and I’m not as sore an achy after my workouts as I expected. The trainer I have is exceptional, as well – and there’s something to be said in having someone else direct my workouts and correct my form. I also have received an Rx from my Primary Doctor for the trainer sessions – my insurance company will pay some amount toward them – I’ll find out how much once we submit the claim.

Other stuff: I’ve been thinking about my friends Jay & Velma a lot recently; the grief is waning, like it does, but there’s still a bit of heartstab there when I remember times spent with them, That and other things have been reminding of my friend Leigh Ann, also no longer with us. I know that grief will fade, as it does, and that it’s always poised to come back briefly (or not). I’m dealing with these pretty well, I think. Family stuff is just that, and my Mum is continuing to deteriorate, memory-wise. I’m dealing with that as best as I’m able. Work is going well – quite well, but changes of some sort, as yet undefined, are definitely coming. My relationships are all stable and joy-inducing, so that’s all good.

All in all, life is good.