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Trying to understand

There are some things I feel the need to talk about. However, I also feel that the discussion of them isn’t much helped by me (a cisgendered, passes-for-white, male) chiming in – I have the privilege of being able to do so without getting a target painted on me, but I’m not sure that I can actually do any good, given that. I want to understand – in order to combat it – the insane amount of hate that I see leveled at outspoken women, transpeople of any gender, and really, anyone who doesn’t fit the white, mainstream “norm”. The level of vitriol is stupendous, and I truly don’t understand how the people who are spewing it can honestly believe the stuff they say (granted, I’ve the same disconnect when it comes to belief in deity).  I’m no longer surprised that it happens, but I do tend to have a visceral reaction to it. I want a way to channel that into something more than retweeting people who write better than I do and signing the occasional online petition. Feedback – really of any sort – would be helpful, should anyone reading this be so inclined.