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Back from vacation…

…and I had a wonderful time. The basic plan was to visit my sweetie Veronica, who lives in Indiana and Do Stuff™ in her company.  Notable highlights of the trip (and yes, pictures were taken for many of these things) in no particular order: Lots of time with my sweetie; we don’t get to see […]

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As usual, I’m behind. Last weekend…

…was a lot of fun. My wife and I traveled to Great NorthWet, specifically, Seattle. We were there for a number of reasons: To celebrate our nineteenth wedding anniversary. To hang out, dance, and socialize at Folklife. To see old and new friends. #1 – that was the entire weekend, really. We’d last been to Folklife to […]

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Upcoming events & travel & whatnot

Because the two blog subscribers want to know this stuff (and some of the folk on Twitter and Facebook, too)… May 9-11: Going nowhere, I’m on-call for work. May 15-18: Will be helping to run SFWA‘s annual Nebula Awards weekend, and spending some time attending the Big Wow comicfest in San Jose. May 24-26: In Seattle, […]